Eight Point Origami Star

Late in the evening after decorating my tiny apartment-sized Christmas tree, I decided that I needed a nice big star to top the tree. This is an origami pattern I learned a long time ago, so long that I don’t remember the source. I regularly forget how to make it and then spend 20 minutes trying to make it work, so I thought I’d post it online in case I forgot again…pardon the dark photos. Continue reading

Origami Christmas Wreath

I put up a few small, apartment-friendly Christmas decorations this year.  I wanted to put a wreath on our front door, but it had to be something that I could tape up since our door is heavy duty metal.  After some digging around online, I found this origami ring pattern.  I used two different shades of green paper with a gradation to white to create the effect with the dark triangles in the middle.  To make it officially a Christmas decoration I added a bow made from red ribbon trimmed with snowflakes.