Mother’s Day Cards


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you need a greeting for Mom, Koto has some options for you! Above you see a favorite from last year.


I also did another color combination of the mother and baby owl card.


There are also two brand new designs. Above, Mom typography embroidered over a petaled pattern. Available in blue on black, magenta on black and magenta on white.


Finally a simple design with a straightforward greeting and a field with flowers. You can see the complete selection of cards for Mother’s and Father’s Days available here.

Valentine’s Day Cards, 2014


I was slightly more prepared this year and got all my Valentine’s cards listed before February! Since the month has now begun (and Valentine’s Day is now on people’s minds) I am featuring the new and updated cards here:


There are plenty of heart cards, in a variety of colors.


I’ve added some red and white flower Valentines,


I’m also renewing a few typographic cards, including this XO design.


Finally, I’m embarrassed to admit that last year I had posted a “teaser” for this tandem bike card and then never got around to posting the finished product. Well here it is!

Bike Mini-Notebooks


By far, the best selling item in the shop are the bike mini-notebooks. I expanded the line for the holiday season, adding four more colors.


They’re a great stocking stuffer, but be warned…I’m close to selling out for the holiday season! I’m running out of notebooks and certain colors of thread and won’t be able to resupply before Christmas. So if you’re interested, buy quickly!

Support Independent Shops

I am currently buried in holiday orders and diapers, but I wanted to quickly highlight a self-serving cause 🙂


Door Sixteen is a great design/DIY blog run by Anna Dorfman. Anna is collecting links to handmade shops in the comments in order to help people find and support independent businesses during their holiday shopping.

I added my shop to the list and thought I’d try to pay it forward. Check out the entire list here.

Holiday Card Roundup: Part 3

Presenting the final roundup of holiday cards in Koto this year!


First up is a modified version of the spring flower card, a festive poinsettia.


I also made some modified versions of successful cards from last year. Above, a geometric Christmas tree. Below, penguin card!


Finally, I created another version of the popular stars card. I had two versions but the other sold out already!


Click images for links to item listings, or see them all here.

Holiday Card Roundup: Part 2

Next up in this year’s holiday card roundup for Koto are snowflake cards!


Above are a set of four embroidered snowflake cards. Each set features a different snowflake design.


In addition to the blue on white card set, I made a robin’s egg blue on kraft set.


These are my favorite I think, I love how the blue pops on the soft brown. The pictures don’t quite do them justice, definitely an area I need to keep working on.


I also created another single card that features a trio of snowflakes.


This closeup shot gives you a much better idea of how it looks in person. I used iridescent thread on metallic midnight blue cardstock, so that the card has a nice shimmer to it in the light. Click the images for links to the individual item listings, or find them all here.

Shop Re-Opened!

I’m very happy to announce that I am now the mother of a happy, healthy 7 week-old baby boy.


I am also very happy to announce that the shop is open again, just in time for the holiday rush. I am still adjusting to motherhood, but in the next few days I plan to list all of the products that I made and photographed while preparing for the arrival of the baby, which include many new holiday cards. I’ll be featuring the new items here as they go up, so stay tuned…

Shop Announcement: Maternity Leave


Koto will be closing temporarily while I go on maternity leave. Timing maternity leave when you own a business is a tricky thing, particularly a one-person business. My due date is set for Monday, September 16, and rather than worrying about someone putting in an order right as my water breaks, I’ve decided the best thing to do is close things up preemptively. The shop will be closed for around 2-3 months, though I’m hoping to get listings up and running again around Thanksgiving in time for the holiday season. Thank you for your support!