Baby Knits

With all the work for the shop, I haven’t been knitting much recently. However with the baby on the way I felt that I wanted my guy to have a few handmade knits. And baby things knit up so quickly, it’s hardly a huge commitment. So for right now, the plan is a set of mittens, a few hats and a baby blanket.


I used this pattern for the mittens, from the Purl Bee. I just used leftover worsted weight Caron Simply Soft yarn that I had lying around. The project uses so little yarn it’s a great way to use up the ends of your stash.

The pattern is very simple –no thumbs to fuss with, which makes sense since it’s not like baby will have good enough muscle control to need the mobility. In fact my major motivator in making a set of mittens was to act as a protective barrier so baby doesn’t gouge himself in the face with his nails.


One drawback is that the way the pattern is originally written, it places the “jog” from knitting in the round smack in the middle of the mitten on one side. There are alternative directions for placing the “jog” on the side of the mitten in the comments near the bottom. I did this on my second mitten, and it looks so much nicer.


I also made two hats using this pattern in two different sizes, “newborn” and “6 months.” Again, I used Caron Simply Soft yarn that I had left over from other projects.


The pattern is very simple, so I added gradated stripes to the 6 month hat, which ties them in to the mittens.

Baby Gifts, Part II

After completing my elephant, I felt like I should add something else.  The book had numerous baby shower gifts, so I opted for this baby bonnet.  The pattern was relatively simple and knitted out really quickly.  I especially like how she designed the ties/border around the face.

I was a little concerned about the seams being too stiff in the back, but otherwise I think it turned out well.  To get a better idea of how it looks on an actual baby:

This pattern is also from Joelle Hoverson’s Last Minute Knitted Gifts. More knitting projects on the way…

Baby Gifts, Part I

Despite the lack of evidence, I’ve been a knitting fiend.  Most of the things I’ve been knitting are gifts though, so no posts until the gifts are all received.  I have a friend who is having a baby soon, and I was thinking about making a baby blanket.  Then I saw this picture on the Purl Bee:

I thought the elephant was super cute and decided to give a stuffed animal a try.  It’s probably the most complicated thing I’ve knitted to date.

Two sets of double pointed needles and a stitch holder!

Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with how he turned out.  There’s also a bunny and a bear pattern, so I may give those a try next…  Pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson