Magnetic Map Memo Board

So quite awhile ago I wrote about turning the pins that once adorned my backpack into magnets. I mentioned that they were meant for another project, but lazy me didn’t get around to writing about it until now, while other projects are in progress but far from complete.

It all began with this image:

Part of me wonders if I should even share these images, since my photography/styling/execution can never hope to compete…anyway! They included a tutorial, available here.

So here’s my attempt and result. To summarize, basically you add adhesive to the board, stick the map on the front and wrap it around the sides, add more adhesive on top and let it dry.

I started with one IKEA SPONTAN board, hauled out from Brooklyn, a map of Asia purchased via Etsy and miscellaneous brushes and Modge Podge (not pictured).

I started with the first adhesive product (shown above) but it wasn’t making things stick well, so I got some Modge Podge proper which did the job.

I wrapped as much map as I could around the edges and added adhesive. Two lessons learned: 1) Buy a really big map (surprisingly difficult). My map didn’t quite cover the edges for a really nice finished look on the sides of the board 2) If at all possible, buy a map that has been rolled, not folded. Despite all my efforts to flatten and smooth, once the modge podge dried I could still see wrinkles.

Here’s what it looked like with the Modge Podge applied:

It went on looking like paste but dried clear. The strokes of the brush are still visible though.

And here it is immediately after being finished and drying on the wall. I added another layer of the original adhesive, which acted like a sealer, since the Modge Podge was still tacky even after drying overnight.

And here’s what it looks like today, several months after being completed. It’s usually a bit more messy (right now it has a to-do list, coupons and my jury duty summons -_-), but it’s a super convenient place to keep stuff and looks decent when it’s empty. My apartment may not be house tour-worthy but at least my memo board is slightly more stylish 😛

Sewing Box Organization

I’ve had the same sewing box since I was a kid, and some of the thread and needles are only slightly younger than me. I don’t sew very often, so I’ve built up a collection of infrequently used thread. During a recent project, I decided I was sick of the mess of spools with loose threads everywhere and took some time to clean it up.

Nice and organized! I cut some cheap takeout chopsticks to fit the width of my sewing box and strung the spools of thread onto each chopstick. There is a little ridge around the parameter of the box, so I used that to rest the chopsticks on.

Under the spools of thread are some smaller notions that I’m keeping “just in case” but likely won’t get used anytime soon. Now I can see what thread is available at a glance.

Eight Point Origami Star

Late in the evening after decorating my tiny apartment-sized Christmas tree, I decided that I needed a nice big star to top the tree. This is an origami pattern I learned a long time ago, so long that I don’t remember the source. I regularly forget how to make it and then spend 20 minutes trying to make it work, so I thought I’d post it online in case I forgot again…pardon the dark photos. Continue reading

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday (along with Martha Stewart, which never made sense to me…white pumpkins =/= Halloween decor). I had fewer opportunities to celebrate this year but I made a few masks for the office party.

They were made using templates available here and here. Mine are printed on paper glued to cereal boxes since it’s cheaper than cardstock.

No pumpkins this year, if anyone knows a good way to display a pumpkin in a large, child-less apartment building, I would love to know 😦

Birthday Bunting Cake Decoration

I chose a birthday cake based on its taste, but it was itty bitty –too small for a proper birthday message. I asked the bakery to write the recipient’s name on the cake, and then figured out a way to add the “Happy Birthday.”

I made a mini-bunting out of origami paper, cutting the triangles from a little template I made. I wrote a letter on each flag with a sharpie and then strung them together with needle and thread, one thread for each word. Then I poked chopsticks into the cake and tied the bunting to each chopstick.

I am quickly coming up on end of the backlog of projects I finished this past year, so posts will probably get more sporadic. Until then…