A Knitting Challenge

So there won’t be any knitting updates in the near future, due to the new Etsy shop sucking up a lot of my free time and a new massive project that I’ve just started up. Last month I came across this stunning project:

I’m a shawl/scarf addict and the pattern didn’t seem too difficult. There was just one thing holding me back…it’s a lace project….that requires incredibly expensive yarn. I’ve never knitted with lace yarn or anything that cost more than $12 a skein.

Then for my birthday I got a yarn store gift certificate. I decided to go for it.

I present Anzula Mermaid in Red Shoe. I’ve never been so nervous to knit something before. A mistake with this yarn is ruining a decent chunk of money.

I discovered another downside to lace:

This is going to take forever! Luckily I have my beautiful KnitPicks needles. I never understood why the needles needed to be so sharp until this project.

To be continued…

Amy Pond Knit Accessories

I am a big Dr Who nerd. The newest companion to the Doctor is Amy Pond, and she has some great clothes (once they got her out of the nightgown).

I decided I wanted something similar to her scarf and gloves. This is what I came up with:

The scarf is super long, over ten feet. I used a cartridge belt rib since it has nice texture, lies flat, and looks great on both sides. That and I was too lazy to tackle the complicated lace pattern that actually is in Amy’s scarf.

And these are my fingerless gloves! They fit, well, like a glove, since I measured the fit on my hands constantly as I knit. Both done with regular acrylic yarn, nothing special.

Mother’s Day Present

My mom made a request for her birthday for a knitted headband based on a pattern she found on Knitty. I didn’t have enough time to make it before her birthday, but I had plenty of time to make it for Mother’s Day.

It’s has a bit of an odd shape so it covers your head while still allowing you to put up your hair.

I thought it turned out decently, but my favorite part is the horse button that I found at Tender Buttons. I literally stumbled upon this store on the Upper East Side while on an errand and wondering where on earth I could buy buttons within walking distance. Definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in need of a button.

Since I had lots of extra yarn and time, I decided to make a matching scarf. Knit 2, Purl 2, to match the headband.

Grandma’s Scarf

Around Christmas my grandmother lost her scarf and my mom requested that I make a replacement.  She had two requirements: it must be purple and it can’t be too long (grandma is short).  Here is my final (tardy) product.  I used Bernat Satin lavender yarn, in a moss stitch again.  My goal now is to start another project that is not: a) rectangular in shape or b) a moss stitch.  As much as I love the pattern and its ability to lie flat, I should branch out a bit…