Eight Point Origami Star

Late in the evening after decorating my tiny apartment-sized Christmas tree, I decided that I needed a nice big star to top the tree. This is an origami pattern I learned a long time ago, so long that I don’t remember the source. I regularly forget how to make it and then spend 20 minutes trying to make it work, so I thought I’d post it online in case I forgot again…pardon the dark photos. Continue reading

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday (along with Martha Stewart, which never made sense to me…white pumpkins =/= Halloween decor). I had fewer opportunities to celebrate this year but I made a few masks for the office party.

They were made using templates available here and here. Mine are printed on paper glued to cereal boxes since it’s cheaper than cardstock.

No pumpkins this year, if anyone knows a good way to display a pumpkin in a large, child-less apartment building, I would love to know 😦

Birthday Bunting Cake Decoration

I chose a birthday cake based on its taste, but it was itty bitty –too small for a proper birthday message. I asked the bakery to write the recipient’s name on the cake, and then figured out a way to add the “Happy Birthday.”

I made a mini-bunting out of origami paper, cutting the triangles from a little template I made. I wrote a letter on each flag with a sharpie and then strung them together with needle and thread, one thread for each word. Then I poked chopsticks into the cake and tied the bunting to each chopstick.

I am quickly coming up on end of the backlog of projects I finished this past year, so posts will probably get more sporadic. Until then…

Origami Christmas Wreath

I put up a few small, apartment-friendly Christmas decorations this year.  I wanted to put a wreath on our front door, but it had to be something that I could tape up since our door is heavy duty metal.  After some digging around online, I found this origami ring pattern.  I used two different shades of green paper with a gradation to white to create the effect with the dark triangles in the middle.  To make it officially a Christmas decoration I added a bow made from red ribbon trimmed with snowflakes.