How to Customize Your Smartphone Case


I’ve owned two Android phones and one iPhone, and my preference remains firmly with Android. One major drawback to Android (other than the app store, which is rapidly improving) is the lack of selection of phone cases. Since Android phones come in such a large variety of shapes and sizes, you usually only have a choice between black, white and some other basic colors. If you can find a clear case for your flat-backed smartphone, I’ve figured out a way you can customize your case a bit. Instructions after the jump. Continue reading

2013 Yearly Calendar

It’s time to replace those old calendars. At my day job I keep one posted on the wall next to me, but I was having trouble finding a free but nice looking replacement. I was looking for a very simple, clean calendar that displayed the whole year of 2013 at a glance. Rather than buy something, I made this simple printable that I can re-print if the old one gets too beat up to read.


And since I keep a blog and it took me about 2 minutes to do, I decided to make it in four colors to give away to anyone else who might find it useful. Available in blue, green, purple and red. It’s set up to print on standard 8.5″ x 11″ office paper, just make sure to print at “actual size.”