Baby Knits

With all the work for the shop, I haven’t been knitting much recently. However with the baby on the way I felt that I wanted my guy to have a few handmade knits. And baby things knit up so quickly, it’s hardly a huge commitment. So for right now, the plan is a set of mittens, a few hats and a baby blanket.


I used this pattern for the mittens, from the Purl Bee. I just used leftover worsted weight Caron Simply Soft yarn that I had lying around. The project uses so little yarn it’s a great way to use up the ends of your stash.

The pattern is very simple –no thumbs to fuss with, which makes sense since it’s not like baby will have good enough muscle control to need the mobility. In fact my major motivator in making a set of mittens was to act as a protective barrier so baby doesn’t gouge himself in the face with his nails.


One drawback is that the way the pattern is originally written, it places the “jog” from knitting in the round smack in the middle of the mitten on one side. There are alternative directions for placing the “jog” on the side of the mitten in the comments near the bottom. I did this on my second mitten, and it looks so much nicer.


I also made two hats using this pattern in two different sizes, “newborn” and “6 months.” Again, I used Caron Simply Soft yarn that I had left over from other projects.


The pattern is very simple, so I added gradated stripes to the 6 month hat, which ties them in to the mittens.

Sandy Relief by Knitters

I thought this was a nice idea to get the word out about. Basically a group in Brooklyn has gotten together and organized knitters/crocheters/sewers to create warm items for victims of Sandy. Given the nasty turn of weather recently this seems like a great way to contribute to hurricane relief, especially if you would like to do something more personal to help out and are too far away to volunteer. More information available here.

Knitting Catch-up

So this is the last of the knitting projects that I had in the backlog. Both fairly simple, last-minute gifts.

First up are a pair of wool handwarmers made for my bike-addicted brother on his July birthday. Because everyone wants wool in the middle of July! Really though, he had requested them very specifically, and he is a long lanky guy so custom clothing is always nice for him.

I made the pattern myself based on several other handwarmers that I’ve made to date, with special attention to accommodating my brother’s size. That’s me modelling above, which is why it looks baggy.

The final project in my knitting backlog was a quick hat made as a Christmas present for a friend. I love knit hats like this, only took a few hours in front of the TV to finish!

A Knitting Challenge

So there won’t be any knitting updates in the near future, due to the new Etsy shop sucking up a lot of my free time and a new massive project that I’ve just started up. Last month I came across this stunning project:

I’m a shawl/scarf addict and the pattern didn’t seem too difficult. There was just one thing holding me back…it’s a lace project….that requires incredibly expensive yarn. I’ve never knitted with lace yarn or anything that cost more than $12 a skein.

Then for my birthday I got a yarn store gift certificate. I decided to go for it.

I present Anzula Mermaid in Red Shoe. I’ve never been so nervous to knit something before. A mistake with this yarn is ruining a decent chunk of money.

I discovered another downside to lace:

This is going to take forever! Luckily I have my beautiful KnitPicks needles. I never understood why the needles needed to be so sharp until this project.

To be continued…

Simple Blanket

My mother requested a blanket for my grandmother. Requirements: not too large, easy to clean.

The result:

I used cartridge belt rib and Simply Soft Caron acrylic yarn. Very basic, but tedious. Blankets take forever.

Hopefully my next blanket is a baby blanket (i.e. very small!)

Gifts for Nani

I’ll be meeting my grandmother-in-law in a few weeks and by request I made a few gifts. I’m told she needs hats so I made a few, the two on the left are pretty basic.

The third is from the pattern Hurricane Hat by sunshineknits. The pattern is really simple but creates an interesting design.

Finally I have round II of Purl Bee’s Daisy Stitch Handwarmers. I have no idea if she will like any of it, but I’m hoping at least one will make the cut. Fingers crossed.

Daisy Stitch Handwarmers

So I get tons of patterns from the purl bee. It feels a bit ridiculous to do so much knitting off one site, but as long as they keep posting great stuff, I’ll keep knitting it. This time, I didn’t choose the pattern for a change –the recipient sent me a link to the pattern and asked me to give it a go. “What colors?” I asked. “Just like the picture.”

Here’s the original picture of the model by the experts at purl soho:

Here’s my more imperfect version made from acrylic worsted yarn that I purchased at Michael’s (a combination of Bernat satin and Caron simply soft):

Not too shabby I think…the gold is much brighter, but I skewed that way when I was picking out yarn because I prefer it. The other major difference is that I added another three stripes to the top and added length to the thumbs for slightly more coverage.

It was a bit of a mess handling the four colors, but they knit up pretty quickly. I’m making another pair now actually, but I’ll be sticking to the original pattern since the thumbs on my version look weird. You can find the pattern (and many others) here.