Circular Ceilings IV: Fort Wayne


The fourth ceiling to be featured in this series of five is the stained glass ceiling of the rotunda of the Allen County Courthouse in Fort Wayne, IN.


I really love the criss-crossing in the center circle panels, but unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to make it work with the scale I was working in (8″ x 10″ cardstock). The holes would have been so close together that I wouldn’t have been able to make separate stitches.


Another fun fact –this location was the spark that spawned the idea for the series. I was racking my brain (and Google) for something unique to identify Fort Wayne that could be represented in embroidery.


When I found images of the courthouse ceiling, I thought about the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco…


and then I thought of the rotunda at the Capitol …which leads me to the grand finale, number five of five!

2 thoughts on “Circular Ceilings IV: Fort Wayne

    • Alison says:

      Unfortunately I took pictures really fast, and didn’t have enough space set up to put up the whole spread. In a perfect world I would have framed them all and photographed them as a set. Ah well. Maybe if I visit Chicago one of these days…

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